When Benjamin Fraklin used the quote, "Those who would give up Essential Liberty to purchase a little Temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety," on the title page of An Historical Review of the Constitution and Government of Pennsylvania, he believed that even under the rule of government, it was possible to have liberty and one's own security without infringement.  Times have changed and now, through the use of the Constitution and state governments, the state has acquired the ability to regulate the security of the individual.

To understand security, it is important to regard the principles of self ownership, that you indeed own yourself and you are entitled to no other person's life.  With that, you have to achieve a sense of personal responsibility and understand that no one is required to give you anything.  The idea of personal responsibility is well rooted in every human being, especially the need to eat, sleep, provide shelter, and properly provide for one’s young.  The current welfare system and other services provided at the expense of the government take away that need for responsibility of one’s own life.   It  places that need instead on the government to be a provider, which acting as a caregiver now has the right to force as much power on the people as it desires.

Examples of this happening can be seen in quite a few areas, such as financial incentives created for a variety of reasons.  Food stamps, unemployment and child care incentives are some of the obvious, and tend to only prop up individuals who are in need of basic necessities and even create reasons to stay in a rut — even to have more children.  When people see these services are available, it gives them a chance to give up the idea of personal responsibility and jump at the chance of "free" public services that can keep them afloat with seemingly minimal effort on their part.

It is tough to tell a person who is in poverty or in some sort of trouble not to accept these services.  In the current system, there is obviously a lack of a free market, the job market is in ruins,  and so many others are taking advantage of the incentives.  Explaining that stolen tax dollars are funding these services probably won't change a person's mind either, for the tax system itself has pushed the idea that taking part of any form of profit is completely acceptable.  Some possibilities remain for a true sense of personal responsibility, such as creating an underground market for business in the form of agorism, which many people do in situations of poverty, but still,  it is definitely tough to avoid any public handouts when desperate.

Regaining liberty and achieving security of one's self can be tough, but not impossible.  A certain level of self awareness will not grant you your tax money back or stop the government from giving it to other people, but it will help you to remove yourself as much from the system as possible.  Being as secure as possible without government can involve owning a fire arm, stocking up on food and growing financial stable and out of debt, although it is hard to even fully accomplish those tasks with government paws on everything.  Condemning victimless crimes, giving incentives to the poor, stealing wealth, and toting around an unnecessary amount of guns only creates a false sense of security.  It's time that the general public denounce these government objectives and provide their own choice of personal safety measures while regaining essential freedom.