My SMART Story ~ Todd Fickle, owner of the OssBank (external link)

Talking to about 8 different people around my area in the past 4 weeks and having been promised some help and or assistance from them, no one showed up to assist me in downing a tree. Stepping in and taking up the slack from all those who had promised to assist me were SMART member(s) Jim Davidson & Luke McKellar. They had brought a chainsaw, an axe, and a willing to get the job done. We had progressed in getting half the tree down, though we did run out of fuel for the chainsaw, so while we waited for the fuel to be replenished we all 3 took turns on chopping the other half down with the axe.

There would be no way in hell I could do it my self with out destroying the wheel chair ramp or destroying a car with a falling tree half as it came down/up the road. It wasn't a one man job and the help is very appreciated. I can't imagine the shape I'd be in if I attempted the duty by my self. Let alone trashing a wheel chair ramp with about $110.00 worth of treated timber. We proceeded the next day with make doing misc. log bucking & reduced the size of the dog run (fence).

Really the help that Jim & Luke provided was the most help I've gotten from anybody in years. Honest to god truth. The actions and help from SMART shows actions spake louder than words and louder than words written on a website or web log.


~ Jim Davidson ~
~ Luke McKellar ~


~ The aftermath ~