Author, entrepreneur, and multinational multimillionaire Jim Davidson is founder of the Individual Sovereign University. His business enterprises have donated the seed capital for the planning and development phase of the university. Additional capital, including some matching funds, are being provided for building and growth phases. Davidson has been an entrepreneur since age eight in enterprises such as recycling, urban light metals, lawn care, pool care, newspaper distribution, banking, aerospace, space tourism, health care, consulting, business planning, software development, real estate, toll road development, free port development, free market money, and private stock markets. Davidson is a world traveller and public speaker. His first book The Atlantis Papers was published by After Dark Publications in 1994. It details a constitution for a new country. His second book Being Sovereign is currently available from major retailers. A third book Sovereign Self-Defence is in progress and is to be made available in print and for Kindle. His fourth book is also being planned, Being Libertarian and will compile all his essays from The Libertarian Enterprise since 1995. It is to be available in print and as a free .pdf.


The Individual Sovereign University is currently engaged in a search for chief executive officer.


Musician and entrepreneur Sally Finck is chief operating officer of the Individual Sovereign University. She has been a doctoral student at the University of Kansas, holds a master of arts in music, and is a devotee of classical education. She is the founder of Lawrencians for Liberty, a Libertarian Party activist, and one of the organisers in the Douglas County Campaign for Liberty. She brings a love of freedom, a detail-oriented mind, and excellent organisational skills to the team.

Faculty in Law

Professor Gary Chartier, JD, Ph.D. is the senior law and business ethics professor for Individual Sovereign University. He is currently associate dean and professor of business ethics and law at the school of business for La Sierra University in California. Prof. Chartier has taught political and moral philosophy, criminal law, classes in management, ethics, religion, and other topics. He is a distinguished scholar for La Sierra University, holds the Judge Jerry Pacht Memorial Award in Constitutional Law for 2001 at the University of California, the Polaris Award for Riverside chapter of the Public Relations Society of America, the Burney Fund award from the University of Cambridge, graduated magna cum laude from Loma Linda University (1987) and was a finalist in the National Merit Scholarship competition among many other awards. His books include The Conscience of an Anarchist in progress, Economic Justice and Natural Law Cambridge: CUP 2009. 978-0521767200, The Analogy of Love: Divine and Human Love at the Center of Christian Theology Exeter: Imprint Academic 2007. 978-1845400910. He is the author or co-author of 32 scholarly publications, as well as numerous book reviews and other articles. His detailed curriculum vitae is on offer here.

Dean Of Faculty

Harry Felker, Author, Philosopher and integral part of the development team for Individual Sovereign University's Online Campus. Dean Felker has written the book Fuck the State and is currently working on his second, a fiction yet untitled. Dean Felker also offers courses in Political Science and Philosophy which can be found in the forum section of this site. Harry Felker has 20+ years experience in the counter economy dealing with a wide range of goods and services.

Dean of Marketing

Stacy Litz, author, activist, and entrepreneur, is taking a key role in the development of marketing materials and operations for Individual Sovereign University. Her extensive contacts throughout the freedom movement, ability to network, and effective sales efforts have been critical in our founding conference, book, and course sales. Stacy brings many years of dedicated work within the student liberty communities, as well as extensive knowledge about marketing from her own business experiences.

Dean of Community Development


Dean of Musical Studies

Sally Fink, 10 year experienced musician and was a competitor in the Music Teachers National Association (MTNA). She has been the staff accompanist for Central Junior High school (Lawrence, KS) Aug 2009 - May 2010 Bonner Springs High school - Aug 2010 - present and 3 year experienced Piano Instructor now with Meyer Music Overland park and played group piano with Piano Detectives at the Music Clubhouse. Her educational background includes Bachelor of Arts in Music, St. Louis University, Master of Arts in Music, Central Missouri State University, Doctoral studies at the University of Kansas (1 year), Suzuki certification, Book 1A and B.

Dean of Social and Behavioral Sciences

Joey Carlisle, wrote a grant for the radKIDS program which is designed to help educate kids about dangerous situations, as well as how to get out of them, and reorganized the program for Alzheimer’s residents so they could have a better quality of life at Manor Park Nursing Home. Mr. Carlisle is a general sciences graduate from Midland College (2002), earned a BA in Psychology at University of Texas (2005) with a minor in Sociology, 5 time Dean's Honor Roll Recipient, as well as Psi Chi member (National Honor Society in Psychology) and achieved an MA in Applied Psychology at University of Texas (2009). From 2006 to 2009 he was a graduate research student at University of Texas where he gained practical experience in program evaluation and grant writing as well as completing 3 classes of Advanced Statistics in Behavioral Sciences. In 2009 - 2010 Mr. Carlisle was an Adjunct Professor at the University of Texas, teaching Introduction to Psychology with Online Classes.

Coming Soon - Wendy McElroy


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