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What is SMART? SMART is the Sovereign Mutual Aid Response Team. It is also called "the University Association" of Individual Sovereign University. Since July 2011 we have been working to help people with problems, especially problems caused by police or government.

Initial Essay(external link) Report on Results(external link) Facebook group(external link) Podcast on SMART July 2011(external link) Mid-September Report on Results(external link)

Resources for Members
Emergency contact numbers: +1-785-979-3038 (global) +1-360-589-9884 (Pacific Northwest, esp. Seattle) +1-413 570-0332 (Western Massachusetts)
Emergency e-mail: IndSovU@gmail.com David Forster
Facebook profiles for emergency contact: Jim(external link) Jesse(external link)

Best mailing address:
attention: Jim Davidson
2040 W. 31st Street, Suite G169
Lawrence, KS 66046

Resources for Membership Recruiters
Membership recruiters receive 20% finder's fee on major donor contributions above $250 that they bring in. Sovereign Mutual Aid Response Team and the Individual Sovereign University's University business plan(external link) is perhaps the best resource for explaining to major donors how the university is a worthy cause to support.

Sovereign Mutual Aid Response Team or university association recruiters may benefit from this SMART slide presentation (.PPT)(external link) with details on what we offer.

Print out these Sovereign Mutual Aid Response Team Tri-fold brochures(external link) with your coupon code on the front part, and reproduce them to share with friends.

Recruiters receive a finder's fee for major contributions.(external link) Call to Action(external link)

Terms of membership recruiters agreement: recruiters.doc(external link)

Do you want to have some fancy copies of our university plan to show your friends or prospective donors? Find them here: IndSovU Plan(external link)

Resources for Prospective Members
Purchase page: Click here to buy.(external link)

If a membership recruiter provides you a coupon code, enter that on our Google Checkout, or include it with your other form of payment, to receive at least a 1% discount. Memberships purchased on Friday 16 December 2011 receive a 10% discount.

Our exact terms of service.(external link)

SMART is the Sovereign Mutual Aid Response Team. We also use terms like "the University Association," "Mutual Aid," "State Busting," "State Busters," "Mutual Aid Response Team. There are other services similar in concept, such as Lone Star SMART. If you are looking for the Sovereign Mutual Aid Response Team associated with Individual Sovereign University, you have found the right page.

If you are looking for Lone Star SMART in Texas, visit LoneStarSMART(external link)

Coming soon, lodge practise medicine for our friends in need. Lodge Practise(external link)