Our Mission

Individual Sovereign University seeks to provide a venue for anyone to teach a course in any subject to anyone willing to learn.

Strike the Root

The following essay by Harry Felker helps to explain our purpose and opportunities.

As we look at the world, and when I say we I mean the amalgamation of all people seeking Liberty, the non-homogeneous group of freedom activists, writers and theorists, philosophers and protesters, musicians and artists, all of them, we can easily notice our numbers are small...

What is the point of all of our work, and all our intellectual predecessors work if in fact we are a minority and forever will be relegated to minority status in the grand scheme of human population? Why should anyone bother doing anything at all if the human condition is slavery and forever doomed to fill this ecological niche in the world?

1. Knowledge

If we are to assume "knowledge is power" we must understand this power, what form it takes and how it works. Power is a form of energy in scientific terms and I think in terms of knowledge there is a connection with this definition of power. In science there are two types of energy, potential and kinetic. Potential energy is like static electricity or a rock precariously perched on a cliff for example, there is energy at work with an opposition energy keeping the energy stored. Kinetic energy is the release of potential energy; it is the break in the balance of opposing forces much like a bolt of lightning or a rock falling from a cliff. What is needed to transfer the potential to the kinetic is the application of appropriate energy.

Knowledge is potential energy as it sits in our heads, all our ideas about liberty, freedom, living outside of a state system, there is the potential to change the world as we know it, if only we could counteract the opposing energy. How we do this is by acting on our knowledge and sharing our knowledge with others, the appropriate energy is our writings, our music, our art and our voices. If we keep the thoughts in our heads, there is no chance for anything, so if one truly believes in liberty, the logical conclusion is then one must do whatever one can to spread the knowledge around.

2. Who will receive this Knowledge?

What is the point of sharing knowledge if no one will receive it, verily, if man is not inclined to liberty, being in the trade of spreading the ideas of liberty will not produce fruit, so why do it? Also, if man is not inclined at all to the ideas of liberty, how do we explain ourselves, are we so anomalous to warrant the belief we are alone?

Obviously if we understand that we received knowledge from our intellectual predecessors, we could also understand that there will be intellectual descendants who will in turn accept our knowledge, use it and grow from it.

I do not think we need to seek these people out, I think they will find us without us applying more effort than to share our knowledge, to release our ideas. Those whom it resonates with will seek us out and absorb the ideas and ideologies, transform them in their own way and potentially advance them.

3. What about the other people?

Quite frankly to quote a friend of mine, "Fuck it," they should matter not. I do not wish to be derogatory, but they really do not matter. In relation to the movement towards liberty, the other people, the "mass men" have nothing to offer save for venom and vitriol. We will not change them; they have no intellect or character to resonate to the ideas of liberty, rather they will seek to compromise the movement. Compromise will make liberty more palatable to the mass man, but at the cost of the principles of the movement. In the end, focus should be on the few who will seek us out as opposed to bringing the movement to the masses.

All in all, the point is to perpetuate the idea of sovereign individual liberty, if we do nothing, if we do not spread it, if we keep this knowledge in our heads we resign the idea to live only until we perish.

The state and our other critics are unimportant, they may attempt to discredit and stop us, they may use force, but this matters not. To reminisce on history, every event of the focused power of the masses and the state has done more to attract the limited interested persons to their antagonist movements. With this said, I would be more weary if the state and the masses embrace our movement or ignore it, I very much prefer their ire, it attracts more dedicated and intelligent persons to the movement.

If these ideas seem familiar, you may wish to read an essay by Albert Jay Nock on Isaiah's remnant(external link).