Africa Youth Peace Call: Teach Liberty and Entrepreneurship in Ghana

June 19-24, 2011:Liberty and Entrepreneurship Camp
Moree Beach Resort, Cape Coast, Ghana


The African Youth Peace Call (AYPC) is calling on the global Agorist and Libertarian community to volunteer their time and resources for their third annual Liberty and Entrepreneurship camp for college students in Ghana West Africa as teachers and presenters. The camp seeks to broaden the knowledge of African students on the freedom philosophies and equip them with business skills. Students will explore classical liberal ideas and learn how to apply these principles to starting businesses and effecting political reform.

AYPC is an independent, non-profit, research and educational organization devoted to the principles of individual liberty, secure private property rights, free markets, the rule of law, limited government, and government non-interference in the economy.

We seek to arm students with ideas to be self sufficient instead of looking to the state to employ them after graduation. Giving these future leaders the right ideas will free them and many others from the lies and depravity of socialist ideals which are so pervasive in Africa, especially in our institutions of higher learning.

Please contact us if you are interested in volunteering.


AYPC is proud to receive support or sponsorship for this project from Casey Research LLC, International Society for Individual Liberty (ISIL) and Individual Sovereign University (IndSovU) If you are interested in supporting this event you can donate through a Chip-In fundraiser.


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